St Mary’s Church

Parochial Church Council

Chairman – Rector, Revd Martin Bailey
Churchwardens – Mike Gibbons
Edward Bean
Secretary – Andrew Fyvie
Treasurer – Jonathan Knights
Barbara Button
Margaret Codd
Ann Gibbons                                                                                                                                   Paul Laws

The Parochial Church Council meets six times a year with an Annual General Meeting in April to elect Churchwardens and committee.

The duties cover all responsibility for church life and worship in the parish of Bletsoe and overall responsibility for the church building. The PCC works closely with the Friends of St Mary’s and is very grateful to the Friends and to the Village Fete Committee for all their efforts to maintain the fabric.

Services are at 9.30am every Sunday apart from Harvest Festival (last Sunday in September at 5pm) and the Christmas Carol Service (the Sunday before Christmas at 4pm).    Joint services are held with All Saints, Riseley, our sister parish, on Fete Weekend and the Sunday between Christmas & New Year.   The third Sunday of the month is usually a more informal service for families and children but youngsters are welcome at all times and in all services.

Nativity 2014 – Many thanks to all those children and Mums who took part – you were all great!  Outstanding performances as this year words were required!  Every single participant was fantastic.  How can we follow that!  If anyone has any more recent photos to add to this page, please email to


If you would like to be married in St Marys you first need to contact Martin Bailey, Rector on 01234 708234

Christmas Nativity Photos 2013:

20130106-112253.jpg                       20130106-112308.jpg

   Angelic angels and shepherds                                      Shepherds

20130106-112325.jpg                            20130106-112316.jpg

 Mary and Angel Gabriel                            Set designed and made by Joe Bonas