Archived Paperwork for Meetings

April 2015 Paperwork
Bletsoe accounts for approval April 2015
Bletsoe APM Minutes April 2014
Planning April 2015
Clerks report April 2015
Internal Audit page 1
internal Audit page 2
section 1 signed
signed statement of governance
Bletsoe Asset Register January 2014

May 2015 Paperwork
Bletsoe accounts for approva 15-16
Bletsoe revised standing orders-1
Monthly payments-budget 2015-16
Planning May 2015

July 2015 Paperwork
Parish Council Application from CW
Planning July 2015
Bletsoe accounts for approval 15-16
Monthly payments-budget 2015-16
Clerks report July 2015

November 2015 Paperwork
Monthly payments-budget Nov 2015
Bletsoe accounts for approval Nov 2015
calendar of meetings for 2016
Planning October-November 2015
Clerks report November 2015

January 2016 Paperwork
Planning December 2015-January 2016
draft budget bletsoe 2016-17
Bletsoe accounts for approva 15-16-9
bletsoe village hall grant application
grant request from st mary’s church
Clerks report January 2016

March 2016 Paperwork
Bletsoe accounts for approval March 16
Clerks report March 2016
Planning March 2016
Monthly payments-budget March 2016

May 2016 Paperwork
Chair Report for Annual Meeting 2016
Bletsoe Asset Register March 2016
expenditure over £100
Internal Audit report 2014-15
Planning May 2016
Adopted Financial Regulations – May 2016
Bletsoe code of conduct reviewed May 2016
Bletsoe PCAdopted Risk Assessment document May 2016.doc
Bletsoe standing orders May 2016
Clerks report May 2016
Draft Complaints Policy
Bletsoe APM Minutes April 2015
summary accounts Bletsoe 2015-16
end of year summary accounts for APM May 2016
Bletsoe statement of governance 2015-16
bletsoe Section 2 2015-16
Accounts for Approval May 2016
bletsoe internal audit 2015-16
Audit check list for internal auditor

July 2016 Paperwork
Bletsoe Agenda Public Notice 4 July 2016
Bletsoe Draft May Minutes 2016
Bletsoe Draft APM Minutes May 2016
Bletsoe accounts for approval 16-17
Clerks report July 2016
NDP spreadsheet
Payments against budget 2016-17
Planning July 2016

September 2016 Paperwork
Bletsoe 5th September summons
Bletsoe Draft July Minutes 2016
Bletsoe accounts for approval 16-17
Bletsoe payments against budget September 2016
Planning September 2016
September – Supporting information for Bletsoe PC

November 2016 Paperwork