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Parish Council 2018-19

Chair: Ann Gibbons –  responsible for website, noticeboards and village hall representative
Mark Abrahams – responsible for allotments

Paul Caves – responsible for the play area
Alison Fields-Foster – responsible for finance and Parish & Town Council Network meetings
Claire Goduti – responsible for street furniture, transport and GDPR


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If you have any particular concerns or issues please send them to

Meeting dates for 2018:
Monday 8 January
Monday 5  March
Tuesday 15 May – Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Meeting of Parish Council (AGM)
Monday 9 July
Monday 3 September – postponed to 1st October
Monday 5 November – moved to 27 November

 Useful Information:
If you are interested in any of the Bedford Borough Consultations and would like to comment please follow this link –

Bletsoe Parish Council was formed in 1894 following the introduction of the Local Government Act of that year.

The village was mentioned in the Doomsday Book produced in 1086. The entry was then called BLECHESHOU with a recorded population of 16, being Countess Judith, three freemen, seven villagers, two smallholders and three serfs.

It still remains a small village and in 2004 (Census Year) it was recorded as having 116 residences with a population of 270. This consists of 216 adults listed on the published electoral roll together with 54 persons under the age of 17.

It has a very old history, especially with its link with the Tudor Monarchy. Margaret Beaufort was born at Bletsoe Castle in 1441. Margaret was the mother of Henry VII who was crown King of England after the War of the Roses. Both Elizabeth I and James I were frequent visitors to Bletsoe.