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Image result for village christmas advent window competition  Image result for village christmas advent window competition  Image result for village christmas advent window competition  Deck the Hallway: Residents of the tiny village of Abington Pigotts, Cambridgeshire, have transformed 23 of their houses and the village pub into a real-life Advent calendar, unveiling a new window each night

Festive: The windows unveiled so far in Abington Pigotts have included candy houses and Santa ClausBaubles: Some of the windows depict detailed religious scenes while others were meant as a bit of fun Detailed: Window number 11 contained a full nativity scene with shepherds, kings and the baby Jesus
Let it Glow: The idea was dreamed up by artist Beth Lievesley and the village embraced it enthusiastically
As part of the Friends of St Mary’s Church Committee we try to encourage community involvement. As Christmas approaches we would like to tell you about one of this year’s events.

We are inviting you to take part in an Advent Windows Display.

It is intended very much as a community fun event, no cost to take part and no competition involved. Adults and children alike can be involved.

Ideally we would like 23 windows which would be revealed 1 each evening until the Christmas Carol service which takes place at St Mary’s on Sunday December 23rd. The final window would be a Nativity scene at the church.

The windows can be designed and constructed from any media, lights, mobiles, cut outs etc. They can be as simple or technical as your artistic tendencies can take you.  They can be internal displays or external displays as long as they involve decorating your window.

A list of windows and their reveal dates will be posted on the notice board so you can admire each one.

We would ask that windows remain a surprise as far as possible before the designated big reveal evening. We would like to keep a photographic record for posterity of all the windows.

On the notice board in the village hall we have pinned up a selection of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. For more ideas try Pinterest and images of Advent windows on the internet.

We look forward to seeing some exciting and inventive designs this Advent and encourage everyone to join us for the Carol Service for the final reveal. If you are interested in taking part please contact me Jane Ward.

Please let me know by November 6th if you are interested in designing a window.

Jane Ward 07572754438        email:





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