BARCing have joined with the Village Hall in purchasing a few emergency items for villagers.  If you would like to buy any of those listed below, please call either 781161 or 781183 and you can then call into the village hall to do some emergency shopping or place your order and it can be delivered!!!  Price list below


Tetley Tea Bags –                pack of 40                             £1.20

Nescafe Instant Coffee –     100g jar                                 £2.30

Kellogg’s Cornflakes           24g individual portion          £0.30

Processed Peas –                300g tin                                  £0.35

Plum Tomatoes –                 400g tin                                  £0.40

Ravioli                                    400g tin                                  £0.50

Heinz Baked Beans             415g tin                                  £0.70

Heinz Tomato Soup             400g tin                                  £0.75

Batchelors Chicken &
Veg Soup                       4 X 110g sachets                     £1.15

Vegetable Savoury Rice     90g sachet                            £0.55

Pilau Rice                              250g sachet                          £0.70

Pasta/Chicken &
Mushroom Sauce                 99g sachet                         £0.85

Devon Custard                     1 litre carton                          £1.25

Washing Up Liquid              500ml bottle                          £0.40

Aquafresh Toothpaste         125ml tube                            £0.85

Toilet Tissue (standard size)single roll                             £0.30

Toilet Tissue (smaller)         4 pack                                    £0.60


If you would like to suggest any other items to add to the stock, please let us know! 

Please call if you need fresh products like bread or milk and we will do our best to supply!