This flyer has been circulated to some residents and can be found on the village noticeboards.




We want to help!

The village gives a huge ‘Thank you’ to all those who have volunteered to help self-isolating residents and the over 70s.  Fantastic response!   If you are in either of these isolating categories please get in touch if you need help or if you want someone to wave to you through your window!!!  Call 781161 if you are not on social media/email.

Don’t forget the VH shop has a few emergency items – call 781183 or 781161.   Also there is a service via Jenny to take and collect prescriptions to and from the Sharnbrook surgery.  Mark Abrahams is offering to accept orders for fresh veg and is still open at weekends.  Call 781161 with your emergency order and we can deliver.

Some ideas:

  • Log on to exercise in the mornings with a number of websites or just do some exercise! Use the playing field but keep your social distance.
  • Put artwork in your windows so that people can appreciate it as they walk by on their one outing of the day!
  • Put a friendly ‘hello’ sign in your window or HELP if you need it
  • Plant in your garden for yourself and to share with other villagers.
  • If you have hens/chicks share your eggs offering to home deliver.
  • Share your ideas to help others. So many are already being shared. Use the Bletsoe Village Facebook page if you can!
  • Call those you know in the village just for a chat and to offer help!
  • One offer from a villager has been received offering to hire their bidet facility if you run out of toilet paper!!!!! Keep your sense of humour.
  • Weekly keep in touch notices which will be on the noticeboards and on the Bletsoe website – Please share where you think necessary.

Stay safe everyone, keep your social distance for the sake of others and know that we all care about each other and are willing to help wherever we can!