Note from The Smockers:  
The Smockers have been inundated with kind comments about the management of the field and how good it is looking and they want to the thank everyone for this.  It is good to see so many people using the field sensibly and with respect and within the Government guidelines. Please continue to encourage people to use it as they want….cycling, running, exercising and sitting quietly.  The Smockers will continue to mow it so that people can do this – the paths around the edge will also be mowed.  Hopefully this will happen about every 10 days but is dependent on the weather and how fast the grass grows.

Enjoy the photos of Lady Smocker!   A hopeful sign!  They have appeared a little earlier this year.

The Parish Council is grateful for all the work of the Smockers to ensure the field is kept in such a great condition.  Please continue to use the field following Government Guidelines and respect the work the Smockers do.  The mowing machine and the mowers are vital to maintain this; in this respect please ensure that nothing is left on the field which might damage the machine and operator whilst mowing.  It is also important that all dogs are kept on leads whilst in the field and any poo is put in the appropriate dog bin!