Local Plan 2035 Briefing Note for Local Councils April 2017

Please find attached a written briefing note explaining the arrangements for the forthcoming Local Plan 2035 consultation. The note explains why this consultation is important to local councils, how you will be able to access the consultation documents and also how you will be able to raise with planning officers any queries you may have.

Please note that the consultation period is 24th April to 9th June 2017.

You will receive an email notification of the start of the event closer to the 24th April and we will be in touch during the consultation period with those local councils preparing a neighbourhood plan to make sure our understanding of the scope of your plan is up to date. In particular we will need to know if you are intending to allocate development sites and/or  Local Green Spaces in your own neighbourhood plan.

If you have any queries at this stage about the arrangements for the consultation please send them to planningpolicy@bedford.gov.uk and a member of the planning policy team will help.