Please be aware that the Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan is currently with Bedford Borough Council for inspection and examination.  The next stage will be a Referendum which should be organised by the Borough Planning Department.  Full details of the Referendum will be posted on this page.

All documents on this page are now out of date.





Locality Roadmap – Pre Submission Consultation

The 2018 Draft Neighbourhood Plan needs to be approved by the Parish Council before general circulation.

BLETSOE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN. DRAFT Consultation Version June 2018
Appendices. Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Version.

Draft Strategic Environment Assessment
Merged Appendix A
Merged Appendix B
Merged Appendix C

End of Grant Report
Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan – Grant – End of Grant Report – 3 April 2018

The Parish Council agreed at the November meeting to apply for another grant to help fund the screening assessment.

Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan – Report to Annual Parish Meeting – 22 May 2017

These are the documents which are currently with Bedford Borough Council for the screening assessment.  A referendum will take place thereafter.

Appendices. Neighbourhood Plan V3.

2nd Draft Bletsoe Neighbourhood Development Plan has been approved, subject to some amendments,  by the Parish Council to go forward for consultation.  A copy of the 2nd draft can be found in BLETSOE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN and accompanying documents are Bletsoe Village Design AdviceBNP policies relationship – please note that these are draft copies.  The full Plan will be presented at a consultation to residents some time in April.

NDP Responses Results & Additional Comments

Please see the following documents which give the results to the recent questionnaire.

The full version of the Issues and Options Document – here
The shortened version of the Issues and Options Document which will be circulated to all residents on the electoral roll – here
The Representation Forms to be completed and returned – here

Terms of Reference which were discussed and agreed at Parish Council Meeting on Monday 11 July – NDP Approved terms of Reference

Further information on NDP progress can be found in the Bletsoe Parish Council minutes as the NDP is a regular agenda item.

Meeting Notes:
Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan Minutes February 2019
Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan Minutes December 2018
Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan Minutes July 2018
Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan – Minutes May 2018
Bletsoe Neighbourhood Plan March 2018 update
Notes from NDP meeting – Tuesday 6 September
Notes from Bletsoe NDP Meeting held on Monday 1 August 2016
NDP Meeting Notes 2016
NDP Meeting Notes 2014-15


NDP Project Plan 2016 –  (updated September 2016)  Bletsoe – Project Plan – September 2016 – Version 5 Bletsoe Project Plan

Bletsoe – Neighbourhood Questionnaire – Summary of Responses – if you have any queries regarding these results please email







Bletsoe – Launch Event – Summary of Consultation Responses

NDP Questionnaire Final PDF Version

Bletsoe – NDP Village Poster

Bletsoe – NDP Invitation

Following the Launch Event on Thursday 25 September, please see below the posters for your comments.   Please send your comments to the above email address.  All comments will be collated, documented and will be available for residents to see on this website.

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 1 – Welcome

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 2 – What Is Neighbourhood Planning

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 3 – Progress To Date

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 4 – Map of Bletsoe Neighbourhood Area

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 5 – Next Steps

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 6 – Timeline

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 7 – Project Plan Timeline

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 8 – Vision Statement

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 9 – Draft Objective 1 – Housing Provision

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 10 – Draft Objective 1 – Housing Provision

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 11 – Draft Objective 2 – Infrastructure Needs-1

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 12 – Draft Objective 2 – Infrastructure Needs

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 13 – Draft Objective 3 – The Environment-1

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 14 – Draft Objective 3 – The Environment

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 15 – Draft Objective 4 – Community Facilities

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 16 – Draft Objective 4 – Community Facilities

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 17 – Draft Objective 5 – Heritage Assets

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 18 – Draft Objective 5 – Heritage Assets

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 19 – Have Your Say

Bletsoe – Exhibition Board 20 – Can You Help