Back in the 1960s, the churchyard was full of headstones marking old graves. Many of them were old, illegible and apparently not maintained by any family so, as common across the country, permission was granted to remove them to help management and mowing of the churchyard.

The stones were mostly put around the wall and, over fifty years, have been overgrown and covered. But many of them do bear the names of old Bletsoe families and, because there was, apparently, no record kept of the old stones, there is a real need to try and identify what can be seen and salvaged from the past. There are also old headstones being uncovered inside the old chancel in similar states of repair.

So one of the projects agreed as part of the successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund is ‘Hunting the Headstones’, with interested volunteers searching and recording the details on the recovered stones. Are you interested? Please mail David Baker on dbb@suttons.org.uk or call 01234 781179