Recycle Week is Nearly Here!

25th September- 1st October will see the UK’s 14th Recycle Week.  Recycling brings so many benefits, reducing the amount of waste we produce by creating something completely new!
Across the country, around two-thirds of households are unsure about exactly what can go in their recycling bin and it’s easy to forget that recycling doesn’t stop at the kitchen. Plenty of items from around the home can be recycled and recycling just a few more items like your empty shampoo bottle, deodorant aerosol and toilet paper tube can make a big difference.
Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Environment said: “Recycle Week is a great chance to find out how easy it is to recycle, have some of your questions answered about what can go in your orange bin, and to start thinking more about things that can be recycled from all over the home.”
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