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Rights of Way in Bedford Borough
The Borough of Bedford Local Access Forum (BoBLAF) is a statutory body which advises Bedford Borough Council on access, mainly rural, for recreational activities (e.g. walking, cycling, horse riding) for residents of the Borough.

The BoBLAF is working with the Borough to highlight the opportunities to access the countryside via the Public Rights of Way (PRoW) network in the Borough.

The location of all PRoWs in your parish can be viewed on the Borough Council’s web site at

Attached is a map highlighting those sections of your PRoWs which are planned to be cut twice in 2018 as part of the Borough’s Seasonal Vegetation Cut (SVC). There is an opportunity to make changes for the second cut this year. If you would prefer alternative, but equal, length of cut elsewhere on your PRoWs please advise the Highways Helpdesk 01234 718003 or the end of July

Also attached is a copy of the Public Rights of Way and Outdoor Access in Bedford Borough which the BoBLAF and Borough previously generated as an aid to Borough Councillors.

Please note the following websites which provide background to the Bedford Borough Rights of Way and BoBLAF and may be useful in future correspondence.

Bedford Borough Council Rights of Way
Borough of Bedford Local Access Forum.

Nigel Jacobs
Chair of BoBLAF

Bletsoe Overall Map 2018
BoBLAF RoW guide 2018 -final