Analysis of Variance 16-17 to 17-18
Bletsoe Internal Audit and AGAR 2017-18
end of year bank reconcilation 2017-18

Bletsoe PC Annual Return section 2 2016-17
Bletsoe Asset Register reviewed March 2018


Bletsoe Annual Statement of governance 2016-17
Bletsoe Internal Auditor report May 17
Bletsoe PC Annual Return 2016-17 accounts section 2

Financial Regulations:  Adopted Financial Regulations – March 2017
Standing Orders: Bletsoe standing orders March 2017
Risk Assessment:  Bletsoe PCAdopted Risk Assessment document 2017.doc
Asset Register:  Bletsoe Asset Register reviewed March 2017
Financial Transactions over £100   –financial transactions over £100 for 2016-17
Notice of Inspection of Accounts – Bletsoe Public Notice for inspection of accounts for 2016-17